I Am Very Ready To Work With Ghanaians Now – John Dramani Mahama

The former president of the republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama has made his intentions clear about the forth coming election in 2020 to the electorate.

According to the NDC flagbearer, he is ready to work for Ghanaians and to deliver them from the abyss Nana Addo has curved them in.

The former president after losing the general election to the New Patriotic Party Leader Nana Addo now the president of Ghana, is set to contest this year again and now ready to fix the problems of the country in his second coming.

John Dramani Mahama said he is ready to put Ghana on track to ensure fair distribution of opportunities to all Ghanaians and not just a few family and friends.

He has also promised to work with all Ghanaians to deliver the country from chasm, so that there will be peaceful co-existence between each and everyone in the country.

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