I Am Single And Have No Ideal Man In My Life; I Will Accept Shatta’s Proposal – Wendy Shay

I Am Single And Have No Ideal Man In My Life So Will Accept Shatta Wale – Wendy Shay

On Wednesday night exactly 8:51 pm on Kwese Tv when the Rufftown Records signed artist Wendy Shay was invited alongside former 2MG artist Eno Barony to premier their new music videos, where Kokui the host asked her about the relationship between the African Dancehall King, Shatta Wale and her.

Wendy Shay replied happily by saying l can’t wait to reply him but will definitely do that behind cameras, she giggled.

Nana Yaw who is a co-host to Kokui also asked, Shatta Wale at the moment is single, are you also single?  The “Uber Driver” hit maker hastily answered “Me? Yessss Am Single And Have No Ideal Man In My life” her answer surprised everyone.

Wendy Shay, who who’s name has become talk of a town, she again said the industry is very thought provoking, however, she needs a man like Shatta Wale to motivate you.

Kokui asked her does Pataapa does nonsensical music? She replied Patapaa Amisty is just smart, he doesn’t do senseless music as some people ponders on, but he’s rather doing what the people love just like Shatta Wale have gotten the keys to Ghana Music gate.

Kokui set up a game, ‘It’s takes 2’ and pair Wendy with Nana Yaw then Eno Barony with Kokui herself but to everyone’s amazement Wendy Shay played a wonderful game, and her song tittle Stevie Wonder was played for Eno and Nana Yaw the losers to dance to it, it’s funny huhh.

The Songstress also added that all her fans should cooperate with her and her career, and also support her new song, because there’s fire in “Stevie Wonder”.

Eddie Nak, Researcher, Ghtrendinglinks

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