I Am Opened With No Issues With The Organizers Of Nzema Showbiz Awards (NSA)– Don Kweli

The most popular Nzema base Musician Don Kweli has come out to clear about his fracas with the organizers of Nzema Showbiz Awards that even though there was lapses during the awards ceremony, he Don Kweli the face of Nzema Music has forgiven the leaders and therefore has no problem with them, because when it’s comes to Nzema music he’s the king but for the organizers to not channel their event well to suite everyone but to individuals at that time for people to draw his attention on, he suggest they do things right in other not to have any issue with anyone.

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Few days after releasing the nominees of Nzema Showbiz Awards 2019, controversies have sparked following the missing of the “Rapper of the year” of last year’s Nzema Showbiz Awards, Don Kweli who happens to be one of the notable faces in Nzema Music from the nominations.

This thus has generated a lot of debate with many suggesting that Don Kweli may one way or the other have a problem with the organizers of the Awards.

Well, the horse himself has spoken. Don Kweli has quashed speculations of having problems with Nzema Showbiz Awards organizers.

In an interview with West FM hosted by DJ Latif the Akasi hit maker revealed that he deliberately did not file for any nomination for the Nzema Showbiz Awards because he feels he did not put in much effort musically in the year under review and thus does not deserve any nomination because he was so much focused on his family.

He said, ” 2018 was a bad year for me in music. I had so many personal stuffs to attend to. I got married in May 2018 and had to take some time off to attend to family. I didn’t really release much songs like i used to. I released Onyaade somewhere in October 2018 but couldn’t promote it because i was really busy”

Don Kweli further revealed that he didn’t file for nomination in the Western Music Awards 2019 because of the same reasons and laughed off speculations of a possible bad blood between him and the Nzema Showbiz Awards Organizers.

“I didn’t file for nomination in this year’s Western Music Awards too, does that mean I have problems with the organizers?” He quizzed.

He stated that all is well with him and the organizers and will even buy a ticket to attend the Awards and informed his fans to keep their fingers crossed for his return to the NSA next year.

Don Kweli is set to release a new single titled Happy Life featuring Kofi Kinaata by the end of this month.

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