The father of the late Ebony, Mr. Kwarteng in an interview yesterday on Zylofone FM with Sammy Flex on Showbiz Agenda made it clear that he and his team are putting things in place to start their own record label called “KwarBony Records” to honour his late daughter “Priscilla Kwarteng popularly known as “Ebony Reigns”.

He made it known to them that he is not setting that label because of money but rather to keep his daughter alive and not to be forgotten, he persistently went on to say that he has a lot of things that he wanted to do to keep her alive to him and her (Ebony’s) fans. These things include Annual Concert, Name one of the Accident Wards in Korle-Bu Hospital after Ebony, Supporting the Needy and to Help the Less Privileges. Starboy Kwarteng made it known that the name that Bullet of RuffTown Records said he gave to Ebony as a stage name “EBONY” was a lie, she has it before she (Ebony) met her former manager Bullet.

He vehemently said also that her daughter was undeniably suffering in the hands of Bullet for the reason that the percentage he Bullet agreed with Ebony to give to her was never done. A question was asked that if he has received any royalties from her daughter’s hard work since she passed on and he says No. Sammy asked him if Bullet had shown him the contract bullet said he had with Ebony about the percentage sharing that’s 60/40 Mr. Kwarteng denied seeing that contract since he Bullet refused to provide him the contract form. According Starboy Kwarteng instead of 40% for Ebony after doing his calculations he saw that it was rather 20% not 40% as Bullet claimed. All this while Bullet was making my daughter suffer he said.

Lastly he self-confessed that we ought to call him “Starboy Kwarteng” for the reason that, he can’t do zilch about it as the media has unavoidable given the name to him.

Written by Nana Odifour (99od4)

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