Hypocrites,”well read” Windbags and Overbearing Religious Einstein – Saddick Adams

When Umaru Sanda was invited by a branch of ICGC to train their media team, he was wondering if it’s right for a son of an Imam to have anything to do with the church. He cleared his conscience and went.

Apparently our very own Vice President, His Excellency Mahmoud Bawamia received public backlash for attending lots of Christians functionaries, even last year on his Birthday he worshiped with Wesley Methodist Cathedral in Cape Coast to marks his 55th Birthday.

This gesture from the Imam yesterday will clear the doubt of many Muslims and send message to the Christian community of our love for each other regardless of religious differences.

After the Imam visit to Christ the King Church as part of his 100th Birthday, some wiseacres and all-knowing religious figures have come out to share their opinion, cascading his move as irreverence. Some went to the extent of quoting the bible and the Quran. Others too were in full support with the Chief Imam.

And this is what the renowned sport journalist, Saddick Adams had to say:

Seems everyone feels excited by the Chief Imam’s visit to the Christ the King Church as part of his 100th birthday celebration.

But deep down, I know there are these “well read” windbags and overbearing religious Einstein somewhere right now, seeing this as the greatest sacrilege of our time.

One know-it-all gang is consulting prehistoric books looking for verses to assert that people from any other religion are putrids who should never come in contact with us. From which other side they are, such people are extremists and shouldn’t ever have a place with us in this fine world. This world where peace, unity and co-existence makes everything so beautiful

We are in 2019. Religious brainwashing and extremism is a cancer to the world. These hypocrites are using mobile phones that didn’t exist when their scriptures were written. They are living on lands owned by chiefs who slaughter cows and fowls annually. Why don’t they go fight such chiefs or move out to stay in the bush?

These guys are working and taking salaries in organisations owned by people from other religions. Their CEO goes to church or mosque every weekend to pray for his organisation including you the staff. Why don’t you quit and stay home because your CEO worships in a filthy religion?

These guys have rented rooms in houses owned by people from other religions? Owners prayed and perform religious sacrifices before building. Why do you stay in that house and not move away into caves like it used to be when religion started? Hypocrites

Allah bless Alhaji Usman Nuhu Sharabutu with more years.

Credit: Maame Dede, Ghtrendinglinks

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