How To Protect Your WhatsApp From Hackers And Solution To Suspicious WhatsApp Hacked [2 In 1 Solution]

We are in computerise world and things keep changing, people are changing to from good to bad in terms of technology. Don’t be a victim. Always be on the protective side than exposing yourself.

People are expressing their feelings about their WhatsApp being hacked. The rate at which hackers are hacking and scamming peoples WhatsApp is side-splitting.

It is difficult to hack a WhatsApp account but don’t forget we have genius hackers who find ways and means to get their way into one’s phone.

Please if you are on this platform now and you have not done your WhatsApp 2 steps pin verification, kindly follow these steps and get it done

#Settings on your WhatsApp

#Click on Account

#Click on Two- step verification

#Enter 6 digits Pin,

#Input Your Email Address And Save, that’s all.

If someone wants to change it, WhatsApp will ask for the Two-Step Verification and without it the account won’t open.

Let’s be cautious and safe.

Moreso, if you have seen something suspicious going on, on your WhatsApp account, Follow the steps below:

#Uninstall your WhatsApp (Make a Backup if needed)

#Reinstall it from play store.

#Enter your mobile no and follow the steps.

#Now, at that point your WhatsApp is successful, retrieved from the hackers.

#And now last step opens your WhatsApp Web from your mobile device and see if someone is logged in. (Immediately click on logout from all devices)

Always log out from your whatsapp web

NOTE: – And don’t open attachments from an unknown contact, it will add an extra layer of security.

Nothing is safe but you can make it complicated for the genius hackers.

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