We all have that girl or boy we secretly admire for several reasons.

Whiles others leave it at the admiring level, some take it further by shooting their shots.

So, you are likely to see the one crushing, guys especially wanting to be everywhere the said ladies are.

But it is very dangerous when the lady finds out that you crush on her.

She will do twice whatever she feels you like about her to drive you nuts the more.

Or she would intentionally make outrageous demands knowing very you will make every attempt to meet them because you will want to have her one day.

A guy who identifies himself as Kwabena Loko has been a victim of his own target.

Oh yeah! His crush and 3 other girls thought him a very hard lesson.

The young guy shared with public the mistake he did in 2020 that he’s ready to rectify in 2021.

According to Kwabena, his crush called him to meet at a classy pub.

He went there and met 3 other girls on the same table as his crush.

They asked him to order for something and he ordered for a bottle of water that could ordinarily cause for Gh¢ 1.00.

Laughable enough, he ended up paying bills of GH¢450.00.

He further stated that the money was not even his and that a friend had sent it through him for cement.

“Madam Crush, nyame betua wo ka paaaaa” he concluded.

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