Erica Ngozi Nlewedim’s influence and presence is very huge in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

How easily she wins deals coupled with the support she gets in any situation she finds herself, one will be asking how she does it.

Truth is, Erica has huge social media presence which is dominantly made up of her fans.

Her fans, the Elites have been the reason she has been rocking; winning ambassadorial deals after deals.

There is no denying the fact that fanbases are very crucial in the making of an entertainer.

A tweep, Owuwa Tobi has been asking the general public how Erica has managed to create such a fanbase.

According to him, the fans, the Elites are not just noisemakers but people who are actually pulling the strings for the BBNaija star.

Her Elites in only 3 weeks raised $72.

Same Elites yesterday supersede their project target with over 122%, the amount not disclosed yet but guess what Elites are involved here.

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