In 2014, there was suspicion of drugs thefts by those in charge of Ghana’s largest storage for medicines, The Central Medical Stores.

EOCO set out to investigate the matter and possibly bring the perpetrators to book.

Before they’d complete their work, in January 2015, strange fire from nowhere gutted the facility, destroying existing drugs estimated to be around $80 million. Even without investigation, every right thinking person suspected arson and so did the Ghana police.

They started prosecution and called for forensic audit to arrive at the facts of the crime.

Immediately, a security man at the facility was fingered as the chief protagonist even though he was at large, not as an ambassador by the way.

Twelve other top officials of the company were interdicted because they were the subject of the investigation and hence logical to suspect that they’d want to wipe any evidence that could implicate them.

Instead of conducting the forensic audit immediately, it was said to have been done about a month ago when the evidence is most likely covered.

The government appointee who updated the president and the press on the matter at the presser himself raised doubt that the audit would yield any dividend.

The state is now going to pursue the case with logic as evidence and we know how it is going to end.

The US and UK were keenly followed because they supplied drugs for the nation through the facility

Due to the arson, government had challenges supplying anti retroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS patients and so the absence of drugs led to the worsening of the plight of people who had contracted the disease.

If we were a serious country as far as stats is concerned, we’d have researched into the number of deaths caused by that act.

As we speak, the place was cleaned years ago but we are hoping that after we have spent money for a forensic audit we know is headed for know where, we will miraculously chance on evidence to deal with those behind it.

It was a self inflicted national disaster and therefore no one needed motivation to be in a hurry for justice.

But this is Ghana, the rich can get away with anything.

Meanwhile, Kofi Baah is serving a 12 year jail term for stealing a mobile phone and 7 Ghana Cedis in Kumasi.

Welcome to Ghana, a country of beautiful nonsense.

Credit by Isaac Kyei Andoh

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