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Herh! Abwoy, Come Down You If Are The 1Gad- Shatta Wale Challenges Stonebwoy’s Image On A Car To A Fight

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Shatta Wale Shatta has shown again that he’s more than just a musician.

The versatile artist was stacked in traffic somewhere in Accra when he saw Stonebwoy’s sticker on the back of a commercial car, “Trotro”.

Upon seeing the picture of stonebwoy on the car, Shatta Wale started shouting, calling the image to come down from the car if he thinks he’s the 1Gad.

Shatta Wale said Stonebwoy boarded a commercial bus, “trotro” but couldn’t sit in the car.

Shatta Wale doesn’t understand why Stonebwoy should call himself 1Gad yet would go and board a Trotro car but yet refused to sit inside but rather chose to sit on the rear windscreen.

According to him, Stonebwoy sitting on the rear windscreen of the car instead is not deserving enough of a “Gad”.

“Abwoy, you say you be 1Gad. See where Gad dey. Herh! Abwoy, come down.”

According to Shatta Wale he had caught him in town and he would deal with him mercilessly.

So he kept calling him out to get down from the car.

Shatta Wale made it even funnier when the car sped off and was leaving his sight.

As if he was talking to Stonebwoy for real; he was shouting and asking Stonebwoy stop running.

“herh! herh! Abwoy where are you going, herh stop…”

Watch and spice up your Friday

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