Grammy Award Is Closer To Shatta Wale, Support Him Live This Dream – Jamaican Music Producer

Jamaican Record Label Urged Ghanaians to Help Shatta Wale win Grammy award with Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica

Jamaican record label, Contractor has sent a message across to all Ghanaians to support their newly released album, Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica.

#TropicalHouseCruisesToJamaica trended on Ghana Twitter the whole day after the album ranked 16 on Billboard chart.

Contractor after chancing on the trend of their album on Ghana Twitter urged Ghanaians to use the same energy to stream the album on all musical platforms.

The Jamaican record label also urged Ghanaians especially fans of Shatta Wale to help the album to win a Grammy Award which will be a positive impact in their follower’s music career.

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