Government Should Shut Down All Sports Betting Centers – Irbad Ibrahim, Security analyst

Security Analyst of Ibard Consult, Irbad Ibraham through his Facebook page this morning have sent a message across to the government concerning betting, gaming and the hope of Ghanaian youth. According to Mr. Ibard Ibrahim, Government Should Shut Down All Sports Betting Centers And Give Hope To Our Youth Through Education And Outreach.

He particularised on how our youth are attaining much interest with betting and if care is not taken, they will diverge knowing well that education is the only key to success.

According to Ibard, Sports betting centers are up to no good considering how wild they are diffusing across the country, the betting companies will only create generation after generation of unskilled and uneducated youth who will become a liability on the State. ‘

Life isn’t a game of chance. Don’t gamble away your life through sports betting. The state should shut down all sports betting centers and give hope to our youth through education and outreach. It appears that Betting Centres are springing up at every street corner every day. Betting and Gambling have become a multimillion-dollar business across Ghana. Property owners are in a hurry to convert their side street properties to gaming centres. Subsequently, every street corner in our Towns and cities are seeing the upspring of betting centres, he added.

He went on to elaborate on how the foreigners are destroying the youth and their future in the country. Have you noticed that most of the betting companies are owned by foreigners, he questioned? 

When they come here, they keep their own children in first-class Montessori schools to build a sound future for them.  And what do they give Ghana in return, they situate these sports betting centers in our deprived communities. As their children are in class, our own children gamble away their future. Is that fair, he asks?

He quizzes once more, what has happened to our sense of patriotism and the love for our country as a people? The State should act now and save the future of Ghana before it is too late!

Maame Dede, Ghtrendinglinks

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