Gifty Ndoma Is The Practical Statement The President Meant – Rabiu Lecturer

Rabiu Lecturer Writes:

Meet Miss Gifty Ndoma. A commercial farmer, the CEO of Gidoma group of Company. Currently pursuing a master program. The first Female to have contested and won election as Tescon President, University of Education Winneba [College of Agriculture, Mampong campus]. She is currently the NPP Constituency Secretary in the Ejura-Sekyedumase.

[ The first female to occupy that office]

Madam Gifty is the practical statement the president meant. Women who are daring and dynamic. The government will not give positions to women for just being woman. You must worth it.

I am surprised how some Ghanaians see anything wrong with the manner the President Akuffo Addo presented his answer at Vancouver, Canada as a panellist on the #WomenDeliver Conference. I spend some time listening to all the speakers and it is fair to say, the women leading the discussion were making wishes and hopes.

The President rather gave out the pragmatic measures to help women empowerment reach the level they wish to be by actively participating in politics, win seats in Parliament and get the power to influence decisions to suit those wishes and hopes. This my understanding about the whole point the president made and I do not see how he deviated from the topic. You may negatively understand the president for political expediency or better still display your ignorance on the subject matter and the rationale behind movements for women empowerment world wide.

 You can’t want to have equality if you are not daring enough to compete with the decision makers on the tables. Leave the President alone he has no time to massage the topic for just applause. He is result oriented and that is enough for a competent leader of his standing. Period!!

The likes of Madam Gifty Ndoma is what the President talked about, not just women who take delight in expressing hopes and wishes on camera.

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