Ghana’s Very Own Dancehall “Santo And Judas” Took Their Bromance To Another Level During Blackstars Versus Benin Game

They set Twitter apart with their hilarious commentary and it was a lovely sight to behold, most of their followers couldn’t help but to laugh their butts out whilst joining the frenzy.

It was a very lovely way of calming tensions that usually characterizes games involving the senior national team, it has always been an intensive moment anytime our senior side are on the field of play. 

The blackstars of Ghana yesterday shared a point with the Squirrels of Benin after John Boye was dismissed for a second yellow card.

It has become a norm supporting the Blackstars as they always give their supporters a head bound of shocks, putting them on their toes, intensive dangling to the end of every much played.

These two greatest artists purported to make the match watching an interested one on twitter yesterday as they wallowed around their twitter handles with their fans, doing their own ridiculous commentary.  It was absolutely entertaining last night seeing them do the unusual.

If what we saw was anything to go by then the peace accord by ShattaStone has really calmed nerves and cooled the tensions that hitherto use to exist between them and their respective camps.

Maame Dede, Ghtrendinglinks

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