Ghana’s Economy Will Flourish But The Minister Of Finance Will Die In 2021 – Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako

The General Overseer and founder of the Alive Chapel International, Bishop Elisha Salifu Amoako has predicted the death of the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori.

As it has almost become a part and parcel of the Christian faith, especially in Africa, Prophets of God hold mega watch night church services on the last day of every year to prophesy what would be happening in the forthcoming years.

Bishop Salifu Amoako who recently made his fame after prophesying a second victory term for H.E. Nana Akuffo Addo has come out with one scaring one.

According to the man of God, Ken Ofori and the government would work things to turn the dying economy around but he would eventually die.

The man of God said that the Finance Minister has some 4 men currently in his house who are into ocultism.

These men, according to him, would eventually be the reason for his death.

He continued to say that the country should pray for him to avert the situation.

“The Lord took me to the Bank of Ghana and whiles I was looking at the building, something happened. I saw a picture on the building. I also went to the Ministry of Finance and I saw the same picture there. The Lord said what can you see? And I said I saw a picture of the man in charge of the finances of Ghana. Hear me. The Lord said we should pray for Mr. Ofori-Atta. If we don’t pray for him, from January up until March, this man will die.”  he said.

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