Ghanaians Shocked Over Eugene Arhin’s 32 Apartments And Other Properties Acquired In Just Four Years As An Aid To The President

The Director of Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin’s wife, Gloria Assan Arhin has filed for divorce from her husband over what she considers as adultery and abuse.

The Wife, Gloria Assan Arhin listed lots of properties that are owned by the husband.

This has sparked lots of controversies and has caused the footsoldiers of the New Patriotic Party complaining about how fast he has aquired these properties.

As it has being alleged, the communicator at the presidency acquired all these properties in the past 4 years, the very period of time he served under President Akufo-Addo’s first term.

According to Mrs Arhin, before Mr. Arhin got the appointment from the President, they had to live with her sister in order to save enough money to move into a new apartment which they did by renting their own place in 2012.

She catered for the family as she was the highest earner at the time.

Working with Charterhouse and selling kids diapers was enough to support her struggling husband who was just a Research Assistant.

In the writ, Mrs Arhin, listed 16 big flats at Bubuashie owned by Mr. Eugene Arhin. Another 16 flats at Weija. A 16-Storey building at Teshie and house at AU Village.

A House at La, another house at Senya Berekum. Another House at the waterfront in Ada Foah. A 5-bedroom house at East Legon which is the matrimonial home of the couple on a 2 plot of land at East Legon and 3,000 barber’s shops at Teshie.

She also listed 5 cars which were acquired over the past 2 years; one Ford F150, Toyota Avalon GR 7108-18, Toyota Lexus GE 4646-18, Toyota Tundra GE7108-18, Hyundai Elantra GE 4646-19.

Both NPP and NDC faithfuls have taken to social media to express their alter shock, wondering where and how an aid to the president could get the funds to acquire all these properties in four years.

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