Ghanaians Goes Hard On Obaapa Christy Accusing Her For Marrying Someone’s Husband

Years ago, and before the ‘Love’ family ended their marriage, Pastor Love had already accused Gospel Musician Obaapa Christy for cheating on him with a married man.

Obaapa Christy then Christiana Love came overtly debunking the indictment against her by the former husband.

The couples issue escalated, throwing grumpiness at each other in public, it became revolting in the ears of the musician listeners and the church members of Pastor Love.

Finally, their married settled on rocks, and a year or two later Obaapa Christy has gotten married to the same man her ex husband accused her of cheating with. The said man, is a married man with 3 kids based in Germany.

This has attracted the attention of Ghanaians to it and the bashing out at Christy is so appalling, some even believes Obaapa Christy is a wolf in sheep’s cloth.

Below is the screenshot

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