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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Ghanaian And American Political Systems Aren’t The Same, Stop The Unscientific Comparison __ David Osei Fires Shots

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If you are a social media user you might have come across the recent trends about the USA elections, horse race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Counting is still ongoing and no winner has been declared yet.

Many media outlets, foreign and local report the provisional results, projecting Joe Biden, candidate for the Democratic Party to take over the responsibility of the Whitehouse.

One interesting aspect of the trend is what has been happening in Ghana.

Most electorates, largely social media users have been comparing the two electoral outcomes since 1992.

That is, whenever, the Democratic Party of the USA wins the National Democratic Congress wins in Ghana as well.

Whenever the Republican Party wins in the USA the New Patriotic Party wins in Ghana.

Even though the Electoral Commission has not officially announced any candidate as the new president elect, many NDC Faithfuls are full of joy, trolling their counterparts for what they deem an eventual painful defeat for the NPP.

Many party Faithfuls believe in this trend so much so that many awaits the USA elections to affirm who wins in Ghana.

It is this comparisons that got David Osei talking.

The actor who supports the current President’s bid for a second term finds it hard to understand why the North American’s electoral system should be compared to Ghana’s.

He vents his disgust at what’s going on through an Instagram post.


David Osei might be right in his outburst mainly because it has no scientific basis.

The Whole arguments for this theory is flawed with speculations and myths.

These are two different electoral systems.

Unlike Ghana where the president is elected directly into office by the electorates, presidents in America are elected by an electoral college.

The electorates votes for candidates to form an electoral college. The Electoral College is responsible for electing the president.

One interesting twist to this whole argument that a lot of people overlook is that a candidate may win the popular votes as Joe Biden is projected to but may not become president if he loses the votes cast in the Electoral College.

To be elected president in America, the candidate needs to obtain more than 270 of the votes cast.

Will Nana break the jinx or Mahama will continue it? Interesting times ahead.

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