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Ghana Won’t Be Left Out On The Newly Found Covid-19 Vaccines – Nana Akuffo Addo Assures

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Going into a new year, 2021, everyone’s prayer is that a vaccine is found and an end is put to the scary Covid-19 pandemic.

Well, now there is hope. Vaccines have been developed and approved by the World Health Organization.

In fact, countries like the USA have already started the immunization process.

The vaccine, Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines are being distributed to countries all over the world.

Every country is thus preparing to meet the criterias’ for the vaccines.

Ghana’s president, president Akuffo Addo is certain of securing the vaccine for the country.

In his 20th address of the nation on Covid-19, the president assured he has already taken steps to get these vaccines.

He said, ” To this end, I have put together a team of experts, from the relevant institutions and agencies, who are working assiduously towards the procurement and deployment of the vaccines in Ghana. The briefings held by the Ministry of Information will keep the nation updated on this matter,”.

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