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Saturday, December 4, 2021

“Ghana should be able to build at least 1600km of road from the road fund alone” A Plus

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Kwame A Plus is here with some calculations on road fund levy on fuel.

Read his analogy below.

“Ghana uses 5 billion litres of fuel ⛽ every year. On every litre, we pay 48 pesewas as road fund levy. 48p×5 billion litres is 2.4 billion cedis. We are told that each kilometre of asphalt cost 1.5 million Ghana cedis. Divide 2.4 billion by 1.5 million and you’ll get 1600km of road.”

“This means that every year, Ghana should be able to build at least 1600km of road from the road fund alone.”

“Let’s assume that money from the road fund will be used to build 6 lane roads. (Three lanes on each side) 1600 divided by 6 is a little over 266km; Accra to Kumasi is just 248km. We can build more than that every year from just the road fund. The Accra Tema motorway which is 4 lanes is just 19km. If it is built into a 6 Lane highway with the road fund, we should be able to build 14 motorways every year. Why don’t we have good roads? Why can’t we fix the motorway? “

He went on to say “Because our debt to GDP is 83% and our government expenditure is evil!! As for corruption, management and willfully causing financial loss to the state, let’s not go there”

A plus added that “Ghana is not broke. Yɛ te sika so papa; adwen bɔne ne abrɔ nti, ɛkɔm de yɛn!”

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