According to Dan Kweku Yeboah, a sport journalist, on Peace FM this morning added his voice to the Accra flooded occurrences issue, he said Ghana need Military (Men In Green) to disciplined littering and illegal dumping hazard.

Speaking to Kwame Sefa Kayi, he bewailed on how Accra is always flood when it rains, and how most places get chocked to the extent of people losing their precious lives. Private and public properties, worth millions of cedis end up getting destroyed, compounding to already economic hardship antagonizing in the country.

Previous and current government administrations have tried to device several ways and means to resolve this never ending pending flooding issue in the country. The government goes to extra miles of contracting private companies to eradicate sanitation problems, adverts to draw the people’s attention of keeping the cities clean, yet the problem of getting the country to liberate from sanitary problem still persist.

The late president, John Fiifi Atta Mills promised to eradicate sanitation problem and makes the country clean within 100days, and it did not thrive. The current president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffu Addo also said same, within two years his government will make sure Ghana is clean, which yielded no results.

The hard truth on the causes of this persistent flood when it rains is not only on sanitation issues,but also as a result of constructing open drainage and gutters in this modern era, putting up buildings and structures at water ways, lack of planning by our AMA.

After investing in intensive sensitization,education and after learning our lessons on this flood situation the hard way, with the loss of life and properties we still repeat same mistakes. We are like proverbial pigs, bath us with clean water and we will rush back into the gutters.

Kwame Sefa Kayi added his voice to it, when Kweku Yeboah asks if he agrees or not to the subject upstretched, he inordinately whined of being tired, schmoozes over littering problems over and over again, as a presenter who has louder voice and have deeper listeners.

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