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Friendship Goals: Laycon Throws His Support Behind Erica Over A Featured Movie ‘Bitter Rain’

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Erica Nlewedim while in Lockdown house stated clearly that she wanted Laycon as a brother.

She daily said and i quote ‘I want Laycon to be like a brother I never had’.

Things became rough because Laycon wanted more than a friendship.

Outside the house, the two have resolved their issues and throwing support behind each other.

Last week saw Erica Nlewedim applauds Laycon for having a successful show.

Bitter Rain, a movie featuring Erica Nlewedim is out and gaining the buzz, Lay has reciprocate the energy.

He’s the latest to add his influence with the reason of supporting a friend.

No one reason a day like this will come, where Erica and Laycon will support each other.

Check image below

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