Fraud Alert: AMG Business Is Free To Join, You Don’t Pay Money To Become A Member – Criss Waddle

AMG CEO, Criss Kwaku Waddle has cautioned his admirers to be mindful of their dealings on social media, he has severally directed out warning concerning an account that uses his same name on Facebook for frauding.

Act wisely and be smart, I will never give you my mobile money number and tell you to send money, that is something I will never do, Criss Waddle lamented.

Fake Account

The AMG boss in a post on his social media brought up a particular Facebook handle depicting him, he even informed his fans to report the page to be brought down, as to how and why the page is still functioning nobody knows but the person behind the page is taking advantage the star admirers, taking the hard earned money.

The account in question has over 40k followers, doing the exact thing the artist those, imitating and copying every post of the artist unto his page. This evening the artist got irritated on a news reaching out to him about the handle taking money from people in his name, he has once again issued out a warning which I believe the fans will obliged to it.

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