Former Vice President Of Gambia And Asantehene’s Name Appears In Anas Covid-19 Expose – Video

Couple of times we see and hear crocks use well known people name in their dubious act in luring people into the wicked webs.

The former vice president of Gambia and the king of Ashanti’s name was mentioned in the expose as one fake doctor used vice president Jammeh’s and Asante Hene’s name in defrauding innocent people.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas released the full video of the crooks who took advantage of the global pandemic Covid-19 to extort money from people by selling fake concoctions to them.

Dr. Abdellah Senior and Junior was caught on camera, confidently claiming they are treating the former vice president of Gambia’s wife from Corona Virus as well as the wife’s niece, he also said the king of Ashanti can testify about the goodness of their drugs. Anas called the Asantehene to confirm, of which it came out to be false.

After series of investigations, it turned out the drugs they are selling are fake and not suitable for human consumption and the FDA number on the drugs too are fake as well.

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