Feel De Beatz Entertainment as an entertainment business promotional group in collaboration with Life B4 2Day a social life innovative group has released its 1st Edition of FDBE Personality Awards Ghana Nominees list.

This awards scheme is a national awards organised by groups with the aim to Discover, Develop and Promote talents being it individual s and groups under the creative art industry and private business personnel’s in Ghana.

This 1st edition of FDBE Personality Awards nominee list comprises of celebrities, upcoming talents and businesses have been grouped into 4 main categories namely:

In this session Life Style => Nomination consist of 12 categories which recorded 37 as total number of nominees.

Media => (2nd nomination) this group also consist of 17 categories with 63 as total number of nominees to compete.

Fashion appears to be the 3rd nomination group, which consist of 9 categories with 29 as total number of nominees recorded.

Entertainment as final nomination group consist of 36 categories with a total of 141 nominees. Below is an illustration of Nomination table backed with graph to make your understandings

1.Life style




Eddie Nak and GhTrendingLinks has been nominated for Best Blogging Site and Best Blogger, which is a great honour for Ghtrendinglinks team. We wish to grab the awards to ginger us do more.

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