Ewes In Trouble As Favourite Meat Is Set To Be illegalized In Ghana – Animal Rights Group Petitions Government


An international animals rights group has cautioned government to stop the cruel killing of cats.

The same group has been actively been campaigning against the killing of dogs too.

According to them, cats and dogs are not meant for food but rather for companionship.

They consider the killing which they label as “cruel” as an act of wickedness against animals who deserve nothing but kindness towards those they have been great companions to.

“Dogs and cats are not food, but loyal companion animals that should be treated with kindness and respect, not brutalized a”, Natasha Choolun, leader stated.

They have therefore formerly petitioned the Government of Ghana to to ban the killing and eating of cats.

In the petition, they urged government to stop the killing as they said it is not only cruel but unhealthy for the consumers.

The petition reads; “The World Health Organizations has confirmed that these global live animal markets must be closed as they are at the root of COVID-19 and are also a breeding ground for the spread of other fatal diseases.

“The brutal dog and cat meat trade is putting human health at risk from consumption of dogs and cats in form of Cholera, Rabies and other deadly diseases and now COVID 19.

“We urge you to ban the demonic dog and animal sacrifices and the barbaric dog and cat meat trade in Africa.

Like many harmful and outdated practices in history, these barbaric animal sacrifices must also be abolished.”

Natasha’s petitioned further urged government to also ban wildlife trade, dog racing and dog fighting and “implement enforceable laws to protect these animals from harm”.

Should government take a step to make a law to ban the killing and eating of cats some people will be denied their favorite choice meat.

As strongly held by many, the eating of cat meat is associated with the Ewe tribe in Ghana.

A ban on the killing and eating of cat meat which they affectionately call “Joseph” will mean a ban on favorite delicacy.

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