Erica Nlewedim, BBnaija star has been featured in Chinney Love Eze upcoming mov’e title ‘DEVIL IN AGBADA’ along side Desmond Eliot, Linda Osifo, Uche Jumbo, and other well known actresses and actors.

Nigerian producer Chinneylove Eze Productions is yet to release her first movie in 2021.

The producer managed to garnered the likes of current queen of trends, Erica Nlewedim, movie stars Uche Jumbo, Linda Osifo and many on her upcoming movie.

The movie has three leading women on it namely Erica Nlewedim, Linda Osifo and Efe Irele.

Devil In Agbada is about three [3] young strangers who teamed up to bring down a very ruthless politician in a mission that involves infiltrating his heavily guarded and Impenetrable mansion.

According to the producer the three lead beautiful characters will be taking you on the roller coaster journey that will leave you screaming, giggling and clamping your feet’s all at the same time!

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