The relationship between Erica and Kiddwaya is no longer a rumour as videos of Erica having dinner with the family of Kiddwaya emerge.

The Star Girl has finally confirmed the age-long rumours of dating Kiddwaya by that singular act.

This may also confirm the rumours that Kiddwaya proposed marriage to Erica.

For the parents of Kiddwaya, very busy people to agree to agree to have a launch with her shows that they have accepted Their relationship.

It’s also shows that their relationship has now become official.

In the video below one can deduce the whole scenario from the chef

He said this is for you and the local food is for your father, brought another one meant for Erica.

But Kiddwaya who posted the video on his insta story cut it off, Erica’s insta story too completed the story.

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