Erica Sets Records As The First Nigerian Celebrity To Trend In Over 11 African countries, Europe And Asia

Erica Nlewedim has proven to the world how much of a superstar she is.

The Star Girl had trended in many countries yesterday, 4th November,2020.

Claiming the number one spot, she trended in 11 African countries for diverse reasons.

She also trended in Canada, USA and Dubai.

Undoubtly, Erica is the most influential Nigerian currently.

Symply Tacha of Pepper Dem, BBNaija S4 trended continuously in 3Months holding that record in the world.

She did it in Nigeria, Erica on the other hand does it effortlessly outside Nigeria and beyond.

She’s the only celebrity in the world getting this outreach on a silver platter through her loyal fans effort.

Erica has indeed set a record, will she break her own record, few miles away to break Symply Tacha 3 months chained trend?

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