Erica Rocks Shoulders With Ngozi Okonjo, Debo Marcaroni As She Makes This Week’s African Social Top 20 Chart

Erica Ngozi Nlewedim has made the African Social Top 20 Chart for the 4th time.

Erica who claims the first spot most times is in this week’s chart.

This week’s chart begins from 24th to 27th January.

Top 20 African Chart is based in Nigeria and uses Realtime data from Foeller, Klear and more to come up with the top 20 most trending African Celebrities.

According to this week’s chart, Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala Debo Marcaroni took the first and second spots respectively.

Erica Ngozi Nlewedim places third.

Her news of signing for Kuda Bank few days after securing Swarovski ambassadorial deal generated lots of conversations around her.

Her last peak on the chart however was first.

Per this, Erica has been the third most talked about African personality from 24th to 27th January,2020.

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