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Erica Pens Down An Emotional Letter To Her Fans; “I Love You [KEW] All Equally”

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In our last article on Erica’s outburst, GhTrendinglinks.com made it known to our cherished viewers of her intentions.

The Star Radler and Legend ambassador, made it known to her federated fans how much she loves them.

Being Elites, Wayademgang, Shippers, as much as you love her, she consider you an Elite.

Every Celebrity has a fanbase, on this note, Erica Nlewedim has also right to claim her fanbase in as much as her relationship with Kiddwaya is concern.

They are two different people, and if you love them support them both being part of KEW family.

These fans seems to be a force to reckon with. Undermining them will affect you.

The Nollywood Actress outburst affected them hence their withdrawal to trend her. Some became cold, feeling disrespected.

But then also putting their feelings in check, Erica also deserves to get angry, as she explained why she addressed them in that manner.

According to Star Girl, Some fans DM to insult her, others personally attacks her and that seems overboard.

She added that she loves them all regardless of their where they belong. If only you love her, she also loves you.

In conclusion, Erica Nlewedim says, She loves Kiddrica as her fans, ‘IF’ only you love her count yourself part of her family ‘Elites’, Likewise Kiddwaya.

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