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Erica Nlewedim Has Little Or No Support Of Any Ghanaian Celebrity – A Real Reflection Of Backbiting In The Industry

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Erica Ngozi Nlewedim’s arrival has just highlighted one of the main reasons why the Ghana Music Industry is where it is.

From afar, you would realize there is a lot of Backbiting in the industry; it’s either he or she is there or nobody gets there.

So far as they are not the the very people enjoying the fame, goodies or any benefits, it is not deserving of the person.

Such was the exact situation when Erica arrived in Ghana yesterday 20th January,2020.

From the time of the announcement of her arrival to the time she actually arrived, there have been sentiments of Backbiting and pettiness among the Ghanaian celebrities.

Some even went as far as tweeting about Nengi’s coming and dashing out gift to Dora.

Whiles some seek to belittle the program, ” Erica Live In Ghana” by saying it’s time wasting waking up that early to go meet a star of Erica’s status, others remain adamant as if nothing is happening.

But a quick investigation by us shows that most of them are talking out of jealousy and pettiness.

When you hear actresses like Gloria Sarfo, Juliet Ibrahim and Selly Galley in an almost non-existent movie industry trying to downplay Erica for not choosing Laycon, then there is something wrong somewhere.

Being in an industry like Ghana’s, such level of pettiness and backbiting is expected.

Lots of these sadists have been seeking all their lives to be what Erica has been in this short period of time.

Most of them are actresses and actors who are seemingly seeking opportunities to reach the feet Erica has achieved in such a short space of time.

It’s unfortunate a lot of them think Erica got her fame on a silver platter.

Erica however has been in the entertainment industry before picking the form for BBNaija.

Talking about pettiness, the likes of Gloria Sarfo quickly jumped on the side of Laycon and Nengi because Erica went after the man of her heart and also an actress she sees as a competitor.

According to report available to us, most of them who are Laycon’s fans turned their love to hate for Erica Ngozi Nlewedim after she chose Kiddwaya over Laycon.

But it is important we make them know that Erica’s clout is not gotten on a silver platter.

She worked so hard for it.

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