The former BBNaija housemates, Erica and Kiddwaya have got on very well since coming together in the house.

The two love birds thus got their fans together as the ‘Shippers’.

Even when Erica was disqualified both fanbases still were together as they condemned what they considered an unfair disqualification.

Erica’s personal fanbase, the Elites supported Kiddwaya all through the competition.

The Star Girl has been winning ambassadorial deals, latest being Legend Stout and Star Radler.

She has always been grateful to the Elites, her personal fanbase.

This is where the problem is coming from. The other session of the federated fanbase, Shippers feel they are being sidelined.

To them, Erica by always referring to the Elites as the people who have been helping her chalk all the successes shows how much less she thinks of them.

They feel they also played a very important role in her achievements and hence should be acknowledged accordingly.

Well, she has come out to clear the air. She posted on Twitter ” If you love me, I love you and I consider you my Elite family, it’s as simple as that”.

By this, she means that she doesn’t have to necessarily make mention of all the people supporting her.

And that she considers all those who love and support her as part of the Elite family.

We hope her explaination will help settle all the differences and confusions among the federated fanbases of Kidd’s and the Elites.

Erica is one grateful person, who always acknowledged those who are so loyal to them.

During the house she mostly said to Kiddwaya that he’s annoying yet she will go back to him.

These shouldn’t cause a mayhem on shippers but support them fully either there’s ship or not.

But for now the ‘everything ship’s is sailing vigorously.

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