The reports of Kiddwaya Terseer and Erica Ngozi Nlewedim are growing from strength to strength everyday.

Latest to confirm the lingering rumours is the Eko Hotel’s Food and Beverage specialist, Hichem El Gemawel who confirmed to a fan that the two are indeed dating but in private.

Responding to a question about if the two stars are dating at the blindside of the media, he responded ” yes they…”

Some naysayers have then started saying the Elites will leave Erica when they realize she has been in the relationship for real.

In a response to this, an Elite by Twitter handle @Zzibah debunked the assertion saying that whoever Erica goes out with is not their business.

He continued to say they(Elites) do not own allegiance or loyalty to anybody else; it is Erica they love and are loyal to regardless of who she moves out with.

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