The once united KEW fan base is tearing apart over an interview Kiddwaya supposedly had.

In the said interview, Kiddwaya made it clear that he’s not dating or in a way love affair with any lady.

And that he’s just generally nice to ladies.

The Fans who had higher hopes of the two getting married have been gutted by the report.

Whiles others were crying over what seems like the end of Kiddrica, some think it is not going to affect Erica in anyway.

One fan, Ogwunna Ejikem in a Twitter post said that he supports Erica only and his wish is to see her brand grow.

” …so far as star girl good, mi good” he added.

Ogwunna a core Elite has sent across a message to all Elites to mind their business henceforth and support Erica only.

He went on to say that Erica Nlewedim is enough for them to look for alliance, being it a friend or her lover.

Therefore he’s encouraging all elites to consider Erica’s interest first, support her and bring back her smile.

Below is the screenshot….

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