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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Erica Gets Social Media Buzzing After She Pressed Her Ignore Button On Laycon

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Tweeter has been buzzing ever since Erica and Laycon met at Dorathy’s Birthday for the first time after the house.

A video circulating on twitter showed how Laycon unbridled glared at Erica.

Yesterday at Dorathy’s party saw Laycon star struck as the reality TV Star, purposefully made use of her ignore button.

There has been lot of mixed reaction from both Erica, Laycon’s fans and and individuals.

Some believes it serves Laycon right, simply because he can changed the narratives to suit his action.

Some also thinks if Erica had made at attempt to hug or handshake Laycon, his fans will use that to mock her.

Whiles others also said Erica did wrong by ignoring Laycon.

Big Brother Naija is over and both housemate should learn to let go.

Maybe blunt Vee, Laycon’s best friend should have been there to safe Laycon from the situation.

Some of the housemate played the game like there’s no tomorrow.

They never considered there was life after Big Brother Naija.

In as much as it was a game, they should have considered in putting people’s feelings into check.

Truth be told Laycon played a dirty game on Erica and Kiddwaya; this will take a time for an emotional person like Erica to consider him as a friend.

Better still both can settle their difference as days presses on.

Below are the screenshots

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