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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Erica Exposes Nengi The ‘Chicken Donator’ Fans Who Came At Her In Her Inbox

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Big brother Naija season 5 is over but some people are still not over it yet.

They go at any length to do whatsoever just to autocade their hatred for any opposition housemates.

Some fans pretending to be Elites went to Erica’s inbox just to disrespect her with feckless long note.

With what Erica posted one was talking about Erica’s stylist and the other also talked about Kiddwaya using Erica and dumping her n no time.

No sensible fan will ever go to her favorites inbox to spew nothing but hopus-copus.

Our team checked her followers and realised that, she’s a Ninga who has been using stars pretending to be an Elite.

All her followers are Ningas, and she’s following Nengi and all Erica’s trolls pages like rant and Gist, Vayolenss.

Why will someone goes to the extreme of showing her dislikeness if not ill will or hatred towards Erica?

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