The rumours of Erica and Kiddwaya still dating but at the blindside of the media could be true.

Fans of the BBNaija stars have been discussing Erica’s birthday wish to Kiddwaya and the possibility of the two coming back together.

Kiddwaya Terseer was born 28 years ago and today is the day he remembers his birthday.

Kiddwaya has probably received or will be receiving lots of well wishes but one that stands out is Erica Ngozi Nlewedim’s.

Erica knowing how important Kiddwaya Terseer is to her wanted to be the first to wish him.

From our check, the Star Girl wished Kiddwaya about 12 to 14 minutes pass 12am.

She posted on her Instagram page ” Happy Birthday @Kiddwaya”

The wish is not only likely going to be the earliest and the first but this is the very first time in a long while Erica Ngozi Nlewedim is tagging Kiddwaya in a post.

Does that confirm anything to you? Kiddrica is back and it’s bigger.

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