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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Erica And Tricky-Tee Shared A Funny Moment Back In BBNaija House On Instagram Live

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As known by many, Tricky-Tee was the hooker slash genesis of Kiddrica, his daring brought Erica and Kiddwaya together up until today.

Erica and Kiddwaya’s fans likes him with the reason that he’s a genuine friend who ¬†gets on like a house on fire with their favorite back in the house.

The Star Radler ambassador, Erica went live on Instagram with her ‘paddy’ Tricky-Tee after her fans requested for it.

The two lockdown housemates shared a funny moment (Airtel task) they had in the house on their live.

Everyone who watched the TV show will laugh so hard, immediately that particular task is mentioned or talked about.

Fans who were online with them laughed as they both teased themselves and discussed what really happened that that.

According to Erica, Kiddwaya who was part of the group made the task fun hence her continues laugh.

Tricky-Tee also said he took it lightly and normal, even-though others thought he was on the loosing side.

Below is the video

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