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Erica And I Are Still Together – Kiddwaya Revealed During Question And Answers [#AskKidd, Tweet]

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Kiddwaya has always been dragged for being clout chaser whenever he talks about Erica.

You cannot blame social media for the drags because his ways always brings about those drags.

Several times, he made posts about Erica and his fans attracting mainstream drags.

He mostly makes hateful post to shade people and post with different women to set Erica up for drags.

Majority have given up on him and have tagged him a clout chaser when he start ranting.

Will you believe him for saying he’s still friends with Erica?

Yes, you have to believe him, since the two we watched can’t stand each other being apart.

Their connection was very loud, which made it difficult to see them apart.

Kiddwaya has revealed he’s still friends with Erica, affectionately called Mango cheeks by him.

During his question and answers set on twitter the Cîroc ambassador was asked if he’s still friends with Erica

He answered Me and Mango cheeks never stopped being friends.

Below is the tweet

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