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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Erica And Elites Entered Republic Of Philippines Without VISA, This Is What Happened [Details]

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Yesterday saw Erica and Elites on the trend list of Philippians twitter.

Not forgetting Phillipians trended also in Nigerian because of Elites and Erica.

It all started when Pilipino girl tweeted about one Erica Mendes with a globe and caption.

Then Erica Nlewedim retweeted it thinking its about her or probably about all Erica.

The tweet got blown after Erica retweeted it and Elites engaged when the philippino girl(Kian) got to know its a misunderstanding.

Kian cleared it politely and Elites also introduced their lovely and sweet Erica to them.

Mapple stans also introduced their Maria Apolian Vargara and from there the Interaction started between Maple Stans and Elites.

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