Either Your Relationship With Him Worked Out Or Not; It’s None Of Anyone’s Business – Erica’s Friend Told Her

Finally came on was Inside Life with Erica Nlewedim an anticipating reality TV show on MTV Base.

The reality show was shown for 30 minutes, had all the juice people expected to have.

Had the buzzing expected and got people talking about it on the mainstream spaces.

A statement by Erica’s friend Erica Ijeoma during their conversation caught the attention of many.

She boldly told everyone to mind their business if Erica relationship with Kidd worked out or not.

This was when Erica said she didn’t know her relationship matter was so huge out there.

Both partners are in showbiz industry and things like this will pop up.

Being it smooth or rough fans, non fans will want to keep up with both two Erica and Kiddwaya.

All is because of what both two shared in the eyes of the world, the expectancy looks high.

Erica’s friend Ijeoma is telling everyone to mind their business, either ways the Kiddrica relationship goes.

That is to tell you their privacy is the button known to them and everyone being it dating or friendship.

Below is the video

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