The Village Chief writes:

 “Whether our University education is 4years or 3years and whether JHS/SHS will lead to HND or not, the value will continue to be the same. What this country needs to do immediately is to assemble local experts to design a whole new Ghanaian educational curricular from Nursery to University and even to PhD level with Ghana’s Development Goals as the main live wire. Why am I saying this?

1. Our current curricular is still “colonial master” oriented. We are still pursuing about 90% of the colonial education legacy which only produced a work force to support the colonial administration. They didn’t educate Gold Coasters or design the educational system to be better than that of the West. They didn’t design it to help us move to space and develop the needed technology to build our country or to be thinking to solve our own problems by ourselves.

2. Our Language: To think that we can use someone else’s language to teach our pupils and students to become better scientists & come out with inventions will be a useless thought. There is no way our pupils and students can develop faster and better than the person whose language we are using and still learning. What is annoying is when the teacher himself/herself consults the dictionary! It is a waste of our children’s precious time! We must see how we can use our own language to educate and develop what we need as a country which is possible to do.

3. Our Culture. No one can develop better outside his own culture. The Asian Tigers have proved that this paradigm of culture and development truly works. Ethiopia, the only African who wasn’t colonized can prove this as well with its current development status. We must inculcate our language and cultural legacies into our curricular and it is only through our culture and language that we can identify our own African-Ghanaian indigenous technology and develop or improve them. Attempting to develop through someone else’s language and culture in the name of civilization is foolishness. Africans had our own technology but we were forced to abandon them and adopt someone else’s otherwise, African technology would have evolved and developed faster.

4. Continuous Assessment. The state together with Industry must commit lots of resources to science and technology, research and application and do continuous monitoring and evaluation and adjust the system to conform to our situation and current market needs/demand. We must stop sticking to a one way system culture all the time. “Saa na y3 y3 no dada stuff”. The industry itself must be the final school and not the classroom.

5. Beware of Western Espionage and Sabotage operations against our reforms. No matter how best our reforms may be, the Western Powers will attempt to use all manner of tricks through IMF, WB policies and many treaties etc to alter our vision in the name of “Globalisation” because their industries would be threatened if Any aspect of Africa develops.!

6. The question is between winning elections and radical educational reforms, which one does the African politician prefer?

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