Ramon Abass popularly known as ‘Hushpuppi’ was arrested after Dubai Police monitored him and his friend’s social media activities for four months.

Ramon Abass who is a Nigerian has been one of the talked about richest men who display their wealth on social media. The leader of about twelve fraud gang has finally been arrested for the series of fraudulent actions carried out. Before the fraudsters could dupe, they create fake account to read victims direct payments and financial details to help them transfer money into their own account.

According to reports, ‘Hushpuppi’ and his gangs have defrauded innocent people of about 1.6 billion Dirham in the United Arab Emirates currency. The Dubai Police setup an agenda dubbed ‘Fox Hunt 2’ with the aim of arresting the fraudsters who dupe innocent people of their hard- earned money.

It took four months for Dubai Police to track where the fraudsters reside and their social media lifestyle played an integral part in tracking their whereabout since they always display their wealth and other possessions on social media.

Reports from Dubai Police indicates that the night of the fraudsters arrest, it took them about six hours to track ‘Hushpuppi’ and his crew from six different locations before they were finally arrested in a hotel.

During the operation, Dubai Police ceased items which includes 47 mobile phones, 15 flash drives, 5 hard drives and 21 laptops worth about 150 million Dirhams.

Watch video below;

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