Drama At A Marriage Ceremony As Bride Wears Heavy Frowns, Groom Forces Her To Dance – [ INTERESTING VIDEO]

A video chanced on by our team shows a marriage ceremony at which the bride wore a very big frown.

The video which seemingly suggested the said Marriage was an Islamic one took place somewhere in Nigeria.

In the video, the would-be couple were walking down the aisle amidst loud music.

Whiles the the groom seemed very happy and was being cheered on by some of the attendees, the bride was wearing a heavy frown and unwillingly walked along.

Not even the call from the Master of Ceremony to dance, could move her. She was completely looking disinterested.

All the attempts by the would-be husband to try and convince her to smile or even shake her body proved futile.

It is not so clear why the lady was acting that way but it seemed she was forced into marrying the man.

Watch video below

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