Mr. Charles Nii Armah Mensah Junior alias Shatta Wale has taken the lyrical beef to another level after unleashed his dreaded war chant.

Shatta Wale challenged the veteran artist to a lyrical battle when he released UN Announcement.

Samini responded by releasing “shot pointed” where he also punched Shatta Wale from all corners.

Shatta Wale released another diss song that in fact seems like a war chant.

In the song, the African Dancehall Dance King asked these questions that will get the bravest warrior scarred.

“How you ever been to war?”, “have you ever seen death?” and “have you killed man before?”

He continued to say he kills for fun.

Shatta Wale threatened the life of the veteran artist by saying he will kill him and when his ghost pops up he will still kill it.

Shatta Wale also alleges that Samini does everything he does hence he is Samini’s icon.

Listen to full lyrics here.

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