Don’t Blame Stonebwoy For Your Folks Inability To Get Along With His Songs, Ghanaian Blogger Immanuel Menxa To Kenyan Fan Philip Etemesi

According to Philip Etemesi, Author from Kenya, Tomorrow Leaders Festival at Kasarani was a total scam. Diamond and Yemi Alade didn’t show up as advertised. Plus, they brought annoying artistes from Cameroon, Ghana and Ethiopia.

He went ahead to lawn on the concert, according Philip, there were no tents to shelter people from rain, not even the VIP people who paid 10k. The performances started very late, around 1am. Kenyan legends like Jua Cali and Wyre were given two minutes each like schoolkids. Instead they got some unknown folks from Cameroon who had no hurry to leave the stage and an Ethiopian EDM guy who seemed like he was making the soundtrack of a horror movie.

“Stonebwoy from Ghana seemed to think he was Bob Marley despite the fact that no one knew any of his songs. Our artistes are wise. They don’t go to places where they don’t have a fanbase. Have you ever seen a Kenyan artiste in Ghana? What was Stonebwoy doing in Kenya yet we don’t know him”.

He also said most of the people had only come to see Diamond and also lots of people left as Morgan Heritage was performing but a few like him stayed to see if Yemi would show up. She didn’t. It was a wrap.

Immanuel Quojo Teye Menxa – Blogger

Okay. With all your backlash and complains, and your knowledge, you could not differentiate between personal attacks and displeasure. You channelling your anger on our Ghanaian super hero and BET Award Winner, Stonebwoy is totally sickening.

Philip  Etemesi, don’t rope our Stonebwoy in your country’s inability to help Morgan Heritage organize a very successful show on your turf!

It was incumbent on the local organizers to have ensured things went on smoothly, just wait & see how other host country’s will bring the beauty of TLF2019.

Don’t blame Stonebwoy for your folks inability to get along with his songs, not all ears love good songs, he came to your turf & did what he knows how to do best, if u won’t afford him that respect, don’t try to run him down with your infantile rants, he’s one of ?hana’s brightest music icons & you have got to respect him for that matter.

It’s rather unfortunate you are trying to create the impression Platinumz Diamond and Yemi Alade are bigger than Morgan Heritage, hence your country folks trooping to the stadium just because of them, it’s only a novice who will think along such lines.

Next time don act dummy to defend yourself from what you cannot bit and chew.

Reading through the comments section of your post, I realised you are having problems just because your supposed artists did not show up, majority of Kenyan’s knows Stonebwoy better than you are out there besmirching minds. 

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