Dele Momodu Surprised To Have Encounter Erica’s Millionaire Fan, Who Gave Him A Special Gratification For Supporting Her

Arguably, Erica Nlewedim a.k.a Star Girl Is a World Icon.

Erica Nlewedim has really grown flourishly out of hatred collocated by her own people (Some Nigerians).

The beautiful screen goddess have classy and wealthy fans across Africa and Europe.

Day In and Out, surprises pulls out, and it hit straight to naysayers faces.

Dele Momodu, owner of Ovasion Magazine became flabbergasted after he realised Mrs Hamdi of Number 1 Volume Restaurant La Chaumiere in Ghana is a big fan of super brainier, Erica Nlewedim.

The man caught in an amazement grips as Mrs Ahmed thanked him for supporting the damsel.

This was when Mr. Dele Momodu went to have himself a food at the rich restaurant.

Mr. Momodu is openly known to be a big fan of Star Girl, Erica; upon all the bashed from Erica’s skeptics.

Crystal Clear, Erica has the biggest and richest fanbase ever in the history of Big Brother Naija.

It’s rip-roaring to witness the most hated personality of BBNaija S5, a disqualified housemate garnered the best fanbase across the globe.

She’s having the most successful businessmen/women, Career people, Classic men/women, Graduates, Students et all supporting her regardless of her flaws.

The renowned Journalist, couldn’t hide his joy than to post a picture with Erica’s fan, with the caption

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