Dela Coffie as his always referred to as Dela Coffie of NDC before and during the by-election took to his face book wall, writes on the revolting incidence that took place at Bawaleshie, in the Ayawaso Wuogon constituency.

Dela Coffie writes:

Well, well, well. We saw it coming, didn’t we? At least some of us have made the point time and again that there is more to election strategy and political intelligence gathering than mere sloganeering and “Bobolibobo.” Yes, political strategy is not a walk in the park or picking flowers in a garden. Fellas don’t get it and they will never do.

Events at Ayawaso West Wagon earlier today and subsequent verbal withdrawal from the process by the NDC is a clear leadership failure.

Leadership has failed the NDC and left the party badly exposed.

The NDC went into this election without any contingency measures to deal with the excesses associated with such exercise. There was no clear cut security readiness and preparedness for this election.

Let the record show that even as at yesterday while the NPP bigshots were on the ground scheming, the entire Functional Executive Committee members of the NDC led by the National Chairman were on radio rabble-rousing. The result is what we witnessed today.

The NDC leadership lacks the tradition of the organization of intelligence gathering and strategies. Most people that have common sense and a brain knows the dynamics of by-elections and Ayawaso West Wagon is no exception. But NDC leaders clearly went into a gun battle wielding bread knife, and by simply allowing intimidation to force a whole NDC with its revolutionary background to withdraw from these by-elections tells you the party is not ready to win any future elections in Ghana.

The NPP on the other has proven that they have the capacity to win any elections by every means possible.

And just so you know, this is just a dress rehearsal for 2020. We must as well boycott 2020 too in advance and continue to dance to “Bobolibobo.”

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