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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Dare Me Before I Prosecute You – Ghana’s Special Prosecutor Begs Mahama

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Mr. Martin Amidu, before he was sworn in at the Flagstaff house on 23rd February, 2018, was very vocal against the then led Mills-Mahama administration, hitting them from all angles, especially on corruption. The former Attorney General under Prof. Atta Mills was known for taking on corrupt state officials including those from his party, the NDC.

One of his numerous advocacies is the famous Woyome case.

In fact, all Ghanains must be grateful to him for helping us retrieve GH51.2M judgement debt wrongfully paid to him(woyome).

Many therefore have had very high expectations from Mr. Amidu. He however used almost half of his tenure complaining about lack of logistics. In all honesty, he has not lived up to the billing.

Mr. Amidu investigated the Agyapa scandals and has brought out reports. In that report, he mentioned that the former president and the flag bearer of the NDC is the “number 1” government official in the Airbus scandal.

The former ECOWAS Chair rubbished the allegations, lebeling it as an act of ‘stupidity’ and ‘cowardice’.

According to the former president, Mr. Amidu should prosecute him if he’s found anything against him. The Special Prosecutor intend replied saying the former president should subject his himself to scrutiny.

This however sounds like a plea to many, looking at the powers the Special Prosecutor’s disposal.

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